Surveillance and metrics

We provide a link to the full text of a reference where it is freely available online, and to the abstract of the reference where it is not.  For articles where no full text is provided, you may wish to contact your institution's library for assistance in obtaining a copy.

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★Fakih MG, Greene MT, Kennedy EH, et al.  Introducing a population-based outcome measure to evaluate the effect of interventions to reduce catheter-associated urinary tract infection. Am J Infect Control 2012 May;40(4):359-64.  Abstract

★Parry M, Grant B, Sestovic M, Compton RN, Jones K, Giles ME.  A paradox: successful urinary catheter reduction initiative leads to increased CAUTI rates. SHEA 2011 Annual Meeting, April 1-4, Dallas, Texas.  Abstract  

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