Nurse engagement

What do we mean by nurse engagement? Nurse engagement refers to a persistent, positive state of fulfillment experienced by nurses at work. When nurses are engaged they feel energetic and dedicated to their work. They become immersed in work activities. Engagement has also often been described as the opposite of burnout. However nurse engagement is defined, it refers to buy-in, and in our case buy-in by nurses for the catheter-associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI) prevention program. 

Getting nurses to buy-in to any new initiative can be challenging, but especially an initiative aimed at changing nursing practice. The question answered in this section is: how can nurses break their bond with the catheter? 

In this section we offer numerous activities for bolstering nursing engagement. Many of the activities can be used throughout the hospital. Other activities may need to be tailored to specific nursing units, since local customs and traditions may help shape the CAUTI prevention program on a particular unit. A final group of activities are more comprehensive and may take longer to get under way, but we offer them as well, so that your organization has the full range of activities needed to get nurses excited about saying: “Let’s get that catheter out!”

Below, we provide specific strategies for engaging nurses in CAUTI prevention.

Specific Activities for Nurse Engagement (PDF)

Nurse Supporters (PDF)

Nurse Engagement Key Tips (PDF)