Fliers and pocket cards

Fliers and pocket cards can be useful tools to frequently remind care givers about appropriate indications and early removal of indwelling urinary catheters. This tab contains several examples of fliers that can be posted on your local bulletin boards, adapted for use as computer screensavers, or utilized as pocket cards that staff can carry with them anywhere. Any of the materials in this tab can be used exactly as they appear or could be adapted for your local institution. These tools can be used to publicize and disseminate your local indwelling urinary catheter removal message to physicians, nurses, aides and other staff involved in the insertion and care of indwelling urinary catheters!

Below are several different examples you might wish to use.

"Stop Me" flier

Guide for Urinary Catheter Need


"Remove that Urinary Catheter!" flier

Remove Unnecessary Urinary Catheter flier